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Styles, Styles and STYLES!
I don't even know where to begin with this, Ulzzangs are defined by their own styles. Some follow the 'fob' style and others do himegyaru. Most do their own styles though. =)

Both styles, fob and himegyaru, are hard to explain. So I'll show you. Here I go, trying to explain the styles. Fob st lye is usually just a simple kind of peasant feel to it. very simple clothing that people know how to make look good. =) Random Clothing Pieces that just somehow look good together. MIX and Match THEORY!
Although the term FOB itself has a meaning to which it seems only Asians would understand. Fresh From the Boat. F.O.B. =)
Fob Style: ENJOY =)

As you may see here, All the clothing are very random and stylish. It's a lot of layers and accessories! You should try it ! Its fun! Like I said, just mix and match it!

himegyaru Style: WOOHOO =D
Himegyaru's all about looking doll-faced. Huge hair, bows and crowns, princess accessories, big eyes and white liner. Some look SCARY! Some wear TONS of makeup on their faces. It's pretty creepy. It's mainly coming off of the Japanese Street fashion. =) They have lots of Poofy Baby dolls. Very Vintage and very Cute! most all the girls have the brown/gold color too.

Personal Unique-ness: LOVE LOVE!
Most of the Ulzzangs shown here are my Online Buddies. =) Thanks to Michiko, Christina, Shin, and Rowie! With their permission I used their pictures to display my personal favorite styles of Korean Ulzzangs. and Viet ! As you can see, head accessories, such as hats, bows, bandana's, barrettes, and so on are very popular among these Adorable people's. They dress in whatever style they want. Its theirs. their World, their Style
Hair: Ulzzang Style!
The Guys
The guys always have that longer and thick dark hair. Long back hair and short bangs. The bangs various in many different styles. either Swiped to the side, bowl cut, or styled to their likings. Ulzzang guys are very stylish!
What's in their hair?! - That's a very good question. it's HAIR WAX! YUP. not candle wax, hair wax! I had the pleasure to use it and style someone's hair. It works something like gel, but it doesn't harden like how gel does. It keep your hair texture and everything. It's VERY nice. Girls can use it too. But Guys generally use it.
I have a chinese friend that uses hair wax in his hair. =). he really knows how to do his hair, it looks really nice! He introduced me into it. I really RECOMMEND it for guys. =D.
The Ladies
Ulzzang girls have very poofy hair. Not always though. the majority have long hair with many many layers. You can only get this hair in Korean, or chinese saloons. Otherwise, you have friends that really know how to cut hair and do it for you. =). The asian's have a very distinct way of cutting hair and styling it. It's always an individual cut. They tend to really like the short bangs, Long hair is usually always a benefit to ulzzangs, if not, there are always hair extensions!
Eyes : The Dolls
Can you tell which one's wearing lenses and which one's not?
Ulzzang like to make their eye appear as if it's bigger. the bigger, supposedly, the better.
The one on the left, Ulzznag Miki, is wearing the lenses. It makes her eyes pop out and very bold. They also make her pupil bigger. =)
Michiko, on the other hand, just put on makeup. =] the classic black eyeliner with white liner, and mascara.

Both looks are Doll eyes. It just matters on how much you want to spend, and the time and effort you're willing to take on you eyes. I honestly perfer Michko's Style.
Which one do you prefer?
What can they do and what's the difference? Just Look!
Interested in the Lenses? Well, this is how they look like. They're generally sold in Korea. They're korean products. You could get them online. But I heard that they're expensive!
Accessories: YOU-NIQUE Fun.
WE can go anywhere and everywhere with accessories. It ranges from Rice balls to cars with everything inbetween. You just have to know where and how to pose, and very importantly, how to wear it.

One thing that ulzznags LOVE LOVE are Hats. Something to go over and on your face/head.

Besides hats, there are glasses.

Dorky glasses, like Shin here. Or just your own REAL glasses. =)
For the Ladies, HUGE Bows.
I could go on and on.

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